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Pag-regulate ng MTRCB sa Netflix, iWant ‘impractical’ – Drilon

Mariing kinontra ni Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon ang plano ng Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) na kontrolin ang mga online streaming site gaya ng Netflix, iFlix, at iWant.

“I am opposed to it. Instead of regulating Netflix and other streaming platforms, MTRCB should continue to allow them and other media to self-regulate content,” ani Drilon.

“It’s very impractical. There are thousands of shows on Netflix alone – how will MTRCB review each one? Can the MTRCB review every single content that can be accessed through the internet?”

“What will they do about virtual private networks that allow users to access content from other countries? If they insist on it, then taxpayers will be paying MTRCB only to stream movies and shows 24/7, 365 days,” dagdag nito.

Ayon sa senador, ang MTRCB ay isang martial law creation at ginagamit ito bilang “tool for censorship”.

“It is unfortunate that MTRCB has not been able to evolve and rise above its martial law origins inclined towards censorship and has not been a driver of self-regulation in the industry. It should focus its efforts on being an instrument to improve the quality of content being produced, instead of being a tool for censorship,” sabi ng minority leader.

“I’d like to believe that the industry today has achieved the maturity that PD 1986 sought to see. They can ably self-regulate their content,” saad pa nito.

Binigyang-diin pa ni Drilon na may ‘self-regulation mechanismim’ ang Netflix at marahil ay may epektibo kumpara sa regulasyon o klasipikasyon sa telebisyon.

Kina-classsify umano ng Netflix ang kanilang palabas sa kategoryang General Patronage, Parental Guidance, 7 at above, 16 and up, R-18 at iba pa.

“The ratings are very specific. Upon subscription to Netflix, the parents can set what content their children can view. It has mechanisms that limit children’s access – a feature that free TV does not have,” ani Drilon.

“If the platform is able to effectively self-regulate and has installed features through which access, particularly by certain age groups can be limited, then there is no role left for the MTRCB to play,” dagdag nito.

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