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Drilon kay Gierran: ‘Wag kang pipikit sa korapsiyon!

Nagpahayag si Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon ng ‘good luck’ sa pagkatalaga ni dating National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) chief Dante Gierran bilang bagong pinuno ng Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

“I wish Gierran good luck on his appointment. What awaits him is high-level and deeply embedded corruption which is perfected over time by corrupt syndicates in PhilHealth,” pahayag ni Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon.

Pero payo nito kay Gierran, dapat laging mulat ang mga mata nito at huwag pumikit sa korapsiyon sa ahensiya.

“He should keep his eyes open – never blink – to corruption. A piece of advice: transparency is an effective tool to prevent corruption. I hope his leadership will finally shine a light on PhilHealth which operates in the dark. He can enhance transparency by employing technology,” ani Drilon.

“He must oversee the upgrading of the system of PhilHealth to minimize, if not stop, corruption. He can contract out IT companies to carry out the digitization of PhilHealth,” dagdag pa nito.

Dagdag pa ni Drilon, dapat unahin ni Gierran na magpatupad ng top-to-bottom reorganization sa ahensiya.

“Get rid of the corrupt and the incompetent. We should put behind bars those who are part of the syndicates,” ayon kay Drilon.

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