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De Lima kay Cayetano: Ikaw mag-move on sa pagiging ipokrito!

Pinatutsadahan ni Senadora Leila de Lima si Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano na naunang naghayag na dapat nang mag-move forward ang lahat sa pagbasura sa franchise application ng ABS-CBN Corporation.

“Ano siya, hilo?! Cayetano must be dreaming!” pahayag ni De Lima.

Nauna nang sinabi ni Cayetano na ‘divisive’ ang desisyon ng House Committee on Legislative Franchise at dapat aniyang irespeto ito.

Itinanggi din ni Cayetano ng isang religious group at political bloc ang nag-pressure sa mga kongresista para bumoto pabor sa pagbasura sa franchise bill ng network.

“How can we respect a most odious and arbitrary exercise of a constitutional, institutional prerogative? No wisdom at all, only dishonor or disgrace, in the Sellout-70’s exercise of judgment,” sabi pa ni De Lima.

“Mr. Cayetano, we will not and cannot move on until and unless your boss Duterte and the rest of your ilk in the kakistocracy you foisted on this country are held to account for your humongous sins against the people, the latest being the forced shutdown of ABS-CBN,” sambit pa nito.

Hindi rin nito kinagat ang sinabi ni Cayetano na ang kanilang ginawa ay para pabagsakin ang isang pamilya na ginamit ang public resources para sa kanilang sariling interest.

“But look who’s talking. It’s not even a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but a case of the giant kaldero calling out someone remotely tarnished with the soot of corruption,” diin ni De Lima.

Hindi umano ang taumbayan ang mag-move kundi mismo si Cayentano, ani De Lima, kasabay nang pagsabing dapat itigil na nito ang pagiging ipokrito.

“So Mr. Cayetano, you should be the one to move on from being such a fraud and just stop being a hypocrite. Enough of your sickening and deceptive ratiocinations!” sanang senadora.

“Why? Because soon you might find yourself in the same boat as all the victims of your double-faced dealings and malevolent schemes. You already have a large bullseye mark painted on your back, a convenient target for the back-stabbing people your sort of scum is always surrounded with,” wika pa nito.

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